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Modular Kitchen World uses SLEEK KITCHEN COMPONENTS by ASIAN PAINTS, Merino Laminates and Action Tessa HDHMR / Century Club prime plyboards to deliver high quality Kitchens that last. All the components and Kitchen cabinets come with a warranty of 7 years, and lifetime service, for a hassle free modular Kitchen Solution. Please browse our website or call on +91 800 666 7722 to get a free design and quotation.

Why Us


Durability comes from good quality materials and we are committed to provide the best value for your money.

Our kitchen cabinets are made of BWP Marine Ply and/ or HDHMR panels for termite and moisture proof durability that gives your kitchen a life of 15 years plus.

And we use, the best in class, Sleek Kitchen Components by Asian Paints for hardware that come with a 7 year warranty.

Custom Design

For us, each kitchen project is unique. We are happy to spend as much time as needed with you in designing the perfect kitchen suited to you. ​

Our design process incorporates your space usage, weather conditions of your location, functional needs of the primary users, and interior designer selected aesthetics to create a custom design for your kitchen. ​


We use intelligent design to maximise use of space, and best quality material to deliver lifetime savings on your kitchen. ​

Our costs would be somewhere between your local carpenter and a branded kitchen. And we work hard to give you the flexibility of a local shop and the assurance of a quality product.


We use intelligent design to maximise use of space, and best quality material to deliver lifetime savings on your kitchen. ​

We offer complete flexibility to our clients.

You can hire us to design as well as fabricate your modular kitchen.

Or you can just source materials from us and get it done by your carpenter.

Or just hire us to design the kitchen 🙂

Design Process






You can visit our store to see our displays for an initial discussion.

The next step is a site visit within 2 days of a query. This includes measurements, budget, materials and finishes to be used, and a wish list of features in the kitchen.

A brief is then prepared and approved for designing.


A layout and drawing is prepared and presented to you with a tentative budget. Your feedback is incorporated and a final drawing made.

A three dimensional drawing is made, to give you a realistic idea of what it would like along with a cost estimate for approval. This is then handed to our fabrication unit.

This process takes 4 – 5 days depending on feedback loops.


The modules are fabricated in our factory as per specifications provided. After spec and quality check these are sent to the site for installation.

​Fabrication can take upto 14 days. You would get an update of progress made at different stages of fabrication.


Installation is scheduled as per your convenience. It usually takes 2 -3 days to install and check a modular kitchen onsite.

The kitchen comes with a 7 year warranty and 3 complimentary service visits.

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